Dear Citizen,

Almost all of us, at sometime or other have experienced the anger, frustration and monetary loss accrued because of dealing with a corrupt government functionary.  Corrupt government functionaries deprive citizens of their inherent rights to life, to liberty, to livelihood, and to education.

Corruption thus stunts the growth of an individual citizen, the community, the society, the country and the world.  It also threatens the stability and security of nations, undermines institutions and values of democracy, ethical values and justices and jeopardizes sustainable development and the Rule of Law.

Corruption is no longer just a local matter but a national and a transnational scourge threatening mankind.  The international community has realized this and thus the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which facilitates international co-operation to prevent and control corruption was born.  India is a signatory to the UNCAC.  The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and almost all bodies have a definite strategy to prevent and control corruption.  

But the battle starts from each citizen.  Do not be guilty of being a bribe-giver.  Read and know the anti-corruption laws. Click on the Citizen's Rights and Act & Rules tabs on the menu, to educate yourself. 

Learn about development and the various welfare schemes by going to the various portals under the heading “relevant links”.  

Strengthen the fight against corruption by letting us know immediately at the telephone nos below. Write to us, or Click here  to send your complaint or feedback by email.  

Most importantly, motivate those around you.  The integrity of each individual, in doing what they believe in, forms the foundation of a noble culture for the entire state and thus for the nation.

Come.  Strengthen our hands...